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Solar standard 400micron pool blanket

  • warmer water — can raise temperatures by 3-5 deg.c
  • saves energy — insulates against cool night air and inclement weather
  • 50% more uv protection than any other material available in south africa
  • reduces chemical consumption
  • conserves water
  • prevents condensation on indoor pools
  • available in selected colors
  • suitable for homes, gyms, schools and public pools
  • exclusive hold-tight seams are stronger, lie flatter, last longer
  • fewer seams — lie flatter
  • aesthetically more pleasing
Solar Pool Blankets

Swimming Pool Blankets

It is imperative to use a solar blanket in conjunction with the solar system to achieve optimum results. The blanket acts as an insulator against the cool night temperatures, inclement weather and high winds, all of which rob the water of built up energy. Very importantly, it reduces evaporation almost completely, thus helping to maintain water temperatures as well as conserving water.

The Solar 2000 pool solar blanket material has 50% more u.v. stabilizers for extended life and gives maximum heating performance at all depths.

The panels are joined with exclusive hold-tight seams that are stronger, lie flatter, last longer and are aesthetically more pleasing. there are fewer seams and therefore less potential for problems.

The material is generally produced using a very light color such as transparent light blue. this allows the sun’s solar energy, short wav solar energy to pass through. heat retained in the water, which radiates at the longer wave lengths, is restricted by the cover and therefore cannot readily dissipate into the surrounding atmosphere. The Solar 2000 pool cover material heats the water (and retains the heat) by up to six degrees celsius, depending on ambient temperatures.

The product is covered by a 12 month warranty, subject to our standard warranty conditions.

tTchnical Specifications:

Roll-up Stations

Blanket Care

Pool chemicals can adversely affect the pool cover material, in even the lowest dosages. Chlorine levels should be kept at between one and three parts per million and the blanket must be removed whenever the pool is being treated with any chemical. Only once all the readings are back to normal should the blanket be replaced on the pool. if this is not adhered to, super chlorination occurs and the material loses pigmentation becoming brittle. the bubbles will disintegrate and disperse into the pool, clogging the filtration system.

It is imperative that when the blanket is off the pool water surface, it should be stored out of the direct sunlight if at all possible and it should always be completely covered with the white uv protector sheet that is supplied with the blanket. The reason for this being that there is always a certain amount of water that collects between the layers of the material and if left out in the sun unprotected, the moisture will reach very high temperatures, causing the blanket to delaminate, that is, the layers will separate.

If the blanket is being used on a pool that is heated, temperatures should not be maintained at levels above 35 degrees celsius for any period of time as this would also be detrimental to the life of the blanket.

All bubble covers are designed to float directly on the water surface and should last at least about three to four seasons, depending on the care and handling by the owner. A swimming pool with a high volume of chlorine content, that is maintained at very hot temperatures, left in a sunny position whilst off the pool water surface, will reduce the life of the blanket considerably and speed up the process of degradation.

It is most important to ensure that the pool water is always balanced

  1. Potens Hydrogen (ph)
    Ideal 7.4 range: 7.2 to 7.8
    If the PH is too low the waater becomes very corrosive
    If the PH is too high, scaling will occur
  2. Calcium Hardness (ch)
    Ideal 275 range: 150 – 400 ppm
    If the CH is too low the water becomes corrosive
    If the CH is too high, scaling will occur
  3. Total Alkalinity (ta)
    Ideal 100 range: 80 – 120 ppm
    If the TA is too low, the water becomes corrosive
    If the TA is too high, scaling will occur

Do not allow the chlorine level to exceed 3 ppm (3 parts chlorine which is 3 ml per litre) the ideal 2.0 ppm range is between 1.0 and 3 ppm. When a pool is “shock dosed” with shock chlorine, ensure that the blanket is removed from the water surface area and replaced only when the chlorine levels are back to normal. high chlorine levels and unbalanced pool water will increase the risk of damage to the pool cover and lead to premature ageing and discolouration.

Ultra violet (UV) rays are emitted by the sun and are partly absorbed by the ozone layer. UV light is destructive not only to the human skin but also to man made materials including polyethylene and plastic products. Unless such materials are specifically treated, they become faded and brittle is exposed to uv light. Plastipack's scientifically balanced polyethylene materials are stabilised to protect them from hardful uv rays so that they retain their flexibility and colour and last longer.

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